Why You Should Go To PoshFest!

The Posh Community is buzzing with excitement in anticipation for the much awaited announcement of this year’s PoshFest location. I feel like I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks waiting for the news. Though I have only been to PoshFest once, I am absolutely planning to return to this year’s event.

Yes, the event can get pricey. With about $200 a ticket, the cost of a hotel, airfare, food…PoshFest is not a cheap endeavor. But if you’re able to set some money aside to attend, it is absolutely worth it. Read on to find out why.


Ain’t no party like a Poshmark Party! Okay, yes Poshmark throws a pretty amazing party and they put out all the stops when it comes to preparing an event to remember. BUT when I say the vibe, the Posh Party is not what I’m referring to. The vibe I’m talking about is the incredible feeling of being in a room with hundreds of other motivated people that are doing the same thing you’re doing and that can relate. Having a chance to strike up conversations with people that understand the struggle of bad sale days, that know the rush of excitement when a buyer starts bundling items. Being around people that just – get it. You can’t replace that.


If your reasoning for not wanting to go is that you have to go alone, that’s not a good reason. From the moment you walk into the event center, the Posh Love is real. Even if you come alone, you are not alone. I made so many friendships while I was at PoshFest and never for a moment felt out of place or awkward. And that’s coming from someone that is not big on the social scene. PoshFest and the Posh Community is such a warm, welcoming place. Also, as the event gets closer, you can search the PoshFest hashtags on IG or the PoshFest Group on Facebook to find and chat with other Poshers that are planning to attend. Reach out, say hello, and make some friends before you get there!


So. Much. Information. Poshmark does a really great job creating several relevant topics for Pro Poshers to speak on. You have a chance to hear first hand what other successful poshers are doing to move their business forward. I also really enjoyed hearing tips and feedback from Team Posh themselves. They talked sales trends and gave us tips and techniques that were proven to create more sales based on actual Poshmark Data. If that’s not an insider tip, I don’t know what is! Can you get a recap after the event or catch up from other people posting stories or sharing information? Of course. But you can’t beat hearing it first hand where you have an opportunity to ask questions.

There’s also a lot of different workshops available that provide support to your Poshmark Business. Last year they had a flat lay demonstration that showed how to improve your pictures, there was a live thrifting demo with a wealth of information and tips. I also signed up for a Closet Consultation where a Pro Posher analyzed my closet and offered feedback on how I can get more sales. I learned a lot from that discussion and some of their tips have found their way in to my daily sales routine.


It’s really hard to go to PoshFest and not make friends. I don’t think that’s possible! It’s a great opportunity to chat with other sellers, make connections and expand your network. A solid way to grow your business is to build relationships with others. PoshFest is the perfect way to do just that.

I had so much fun at PoshFest and I can’t wait to go again this year. It is absolutely worth the investment and was so helpful for myself and for my business. Are you going to PoshFest this year? Drop a comment and let me know!

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