Time for Change

It’s been pretty quiet over here on my side of the internet. Needless to say there have been so many life changing things happening in our world as of late and it has really encouraged me to take a closer look at myself, what I am doing and putting out into the world.

My Daughter & I on a grocery run. The new normal.

I think it’s important to embrace change and it’s necessary to allow yourself the ability to grow and to try new things. When I began reselling I started an instagram account to share my finds and to connect with other people that were doing the same thing. It evolved from there and turned in to the creation of this blog (Life as Lovely). It’s been amazing and I have been fortunate enough to meet so many incredible people along the way.

Throughout this journey I have also come to realize that I love to talk about and share other aspects of my life as well. I really want to be able to use this space to educate and to provide resources and tools to people that are interested in starting or growing their reselling business. I also have this desire to be able to reach out and to connect with people on another level totally different from reselling.

I want to share that killer recipe I came up with last weekend, and maybe that other one that was a complete fail (sorry family). I want to dive deeper into fashion and beauty and share all of the crazy (yet helpful) products that I find myself ordering and trying out from Amazon. I want to delve in to the other parts of my life that I don’t always share here in my corner.

While I have somewhat incorporated my everyday life in to my socials, I know that many people come here to learn about reselling and to find helpful tips and ideas related to business and ecom. That’s not going anywhere, you will just begin to find that sprinkled in with potty training horror stories and a review of that absolutely delicious new restaurant I tried. Kidding (kind of).

With this rebranding you can expect to find the same forum for advice, tips and lessons learned in addition to a host of new exciting content as it relates to the other areas in my life. This new blog is a reflection of me, a version of me that hopes to inspire, to encourage, challenge, entertain and most of all, to connect with you in a whole new way; and what better way to name this new place than with a name of my own. Welcome to my new blog: Lynnette Amelia. I hope you stay a while 🙂 

xo Lynnette

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