Use Marketing and Advertising to Increase your Sales on Poshmark

When we list inventory online this is not marketing, we are simply making a product available. Marketing is creating relationships with potential buyers, it’s identifying distribution opportunities for our product and creating a need for the items that you’re selling.

The most powerful companies in the world use marketing and advertising to bring in new business, as resellers we need to use this too!

Marketing and Advertising is all about showcasing your product in order to gain interest from prospective buyers. Read on to learn about how to use some basic marketing techniques to increase your sales –

  1. Promote Inventory

New listings are great, they show up in the “Just In” section on Poshmark and they get a lot of visibility – at first. But what happens after a couple days? Or hours even? We have to find ways to promote inventory in a way that’s going to resonate with people and draw interest. 

Sharing your products through haul videos on Instagram or on YouTube are great ways to get the word out about the new items you pick up. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a haul video from a fellow reseller and RAN to their closet because I was drawn to an item they sourced. Take advantage of these channels to promote your finds!

2. Get Social

Perfect segue from the last point. Networking is such an important part of marketing. If you don’t already have a separate Instagram account for reselling or for your business, I highly suggest creating one. Find and build community. Network with other resellers. Answer questions, help where you can. Share what’s going on with your business, talk about why you do what you do. Connect with people. People want to do business with other PEOPLE, not businesses. Don’t forget that. 

3. Run Sales

Everyone loves a good sale. I know I get tons of emails from my favorite retailers that keep me up to date with the sales and promos they have going on. Use this same concept for your Poshmark Closet. First, decide what kind of sale you want to run. Do you want to offer a dollar or percentage discount? BOGO deals can be great too. The important thing with running sales is that you want to create a sense of urgency. If I know my favorite store is running a sale and they run the same sale every weekend, what’s going to push me to make a purchase today instead of next week? Or at all? Try to plan your sales ahead of time so you aren’t over saturating your customers.

Also, try to keep your sale period to a day or even a couple of days. If your sale is happening Monday through Friday, I have time to buy. I might just wait until the last minute to check it out, or worse, forget! It’s all about cultivating that sense of urgency!

4. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform to use to help drive traffic to your Poshmark Closet. Make sure your Poshmark sharing settings are set to post to Pinterest so your items are being listed there. This is a massive search engine that people are using every day, don’t let your inventory miss out on some of these clicks. 

5. Tell People What You Do

Don’t be afraid to share with people what you do. In fact, feel encouraged to tell them! You never know who might run in to or meet through the people that you talk with. I love when I get new customers that came from a referral or that made a purchase because they wanted to check out what it is that I’m selling. 

6. Have a Plan

Get creative with how you put your products in front of prospective customers. Poshmark has some really great features that allow us to do this (bundle feature, offer to likers, etc.) Brainstorm the advertising strategies that you’d like to implement in your business and plan out how you are going to execute them. Define your sales and promos and schedule them. Decide how you want to showcase your product on social media and then figure out how often you want to share. (Tip: There’s also some really great content planning apps out there that can help you organize your page.) Convert these goals into a plan to make them happen!

Selling online can be tough and marketing your inventory is a game changer when it comes to bringing more traffic to your page and making sales. Is marketing a priority in your business? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

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