Slow Sales on Poshmark? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions to Find out Why!

So you’ve got your background figured out, you have several thrifting trips under your belt and you have a good amount of items in your closet. But things aren’t moving. What now?

It can be frustrating when you have a closet full of gems but it seems like it’s taking forever to make a sale. Why is that and how do you fix it? I’m going to share with you some questions that you can ask yourself to make sure you are optimizing your Poshmark Closet. Read on for the details –

  1. Are your items on trend or in demand?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask yourself. Afterall, we all want to source and list things that people want to purchase, right? I have a bunch of old tank tops in my personal closet that are cute and I like but that probably wouldn’t do well on Poshmark? Why? Because they aren’t necessarily brands or styles that are popular or well known and they are just basic tanks. Not something that I believe people would seek out online and be willing to pay shipping for in order to have. So, in my closet they sit and they will probably go to Goodwill after I’m done with them.

On the other hand, I also have some dresses that are on trend, by popular brands and that I have no doubt would sell if I decided to list them. How do I know that? By following influencers and celebrities to see what they are wearing. By paying attention to brands that are trending and keeping up with today’s style. Does your closet have items that are sought after? Are you sourcing things that people want? If you don’t know, dig in and do some research.

2. Are you buying things that are overly saturated?

So you know what’s trending and you’re buying things that people want. But is Poshmark already inundated with 50 other identical listings? If you are buying a great piece to add to your closet but there are many other sellers with the same item and size, it’s going to become a pricing game and buyers will flock to the lowest price. That means that you will have to price low in order to make a sale or wait it out until the other items are sold and then hope that another buyer is willing to pay up – which can take a long time. Check to see how many other listings there are of the things that you’re selling. This could be why they aren’t moving 

3. Do your prices make sense?

This is a good segue into pricing. Make sure your pricing makes sense according to comps and what people are buying similar items for. I understand pricing your items so there is room for negotiation, but there’s also a fine line between that and way overpricing something so that people feel too intimidated to send an offer. That’s a thing! If comps are typically $30 for an item and I price it at $70, there are some buyers that wouldn’t send an offer because they don’t want to come across as insulting or devalue my item. I don’t want to miss out on those customers! Review your pricing strategy to make sure that it’s in line with the market and with the return that you are trying to receive. 

4. Do your pictures represent the items well?

Are they bright and welcoming? Or are they dark and hard to see. Think about the types of photos that you see online when you shop for yourself. Notice how the clothing or accessory is the focal point in the photo. Whether it’s a styled shot or against a white background, it’s well lit and you can clearly see the item. That’s what we have to shoot for. If your photos aren’t representing your items well, consider making some changes.

5. Can people find your items?

Now you’ve got the right item and priced it well. Can I find it if I search for it? Cute Romper is not a good way to list your item. Make sure you’re including the brand, the style name if you can find it and any other specifics that will help people find what you’re selling. Free People (brand) Azalia Romper (style name) in Chocolate (color) is a much better way of describing an item and will help it get picked up in the search results. Double check your listings to make sure that you are describing the items as best as possible, using keywords that will help direct buyers to you if you have what they are searching for. 

6. Are you sharing and engaging with others?

Poshmark is a social app. We have tools like sharing, bundling, following, etc. Use them! Share your closet at least once a day. Follow other Poshers and share their closets when you have some down time. Did someone like a couple items in your closet? Put them in a bundle, add a comment thanking them for checking out your closet and send over an offer. Engage with other people on the app and stay active! I have so much more activity on my page when I am regularly listing. sharing and using the tools that the app provides us. Use the tools and use them often. 

Now maybe you have done all of these things and you’re still not having success right now. That’s okay! Notice I said RIGHT NOW. A big part of making sales on Poshmark is being consistent with it. You’re going to have bad sales days or maybe even a bad sales week, or month. But you can’t let that stop you from doing the things that you need to do in order to keep your inventory moving. If sales are slow, great – keep listing, sharing and engaging. If sales are great – perfect, still do the same. By being consistent on the app the sales will come, just keep doing the right things to move your business ahead and the sales will follow.

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