I Needed a Break from Reselling

I think the true beauty of reselling is that it’s ready when you are. I took my first break from reselling a couple months into my pregnancy with my youngest daughter. The break wasn’t planned or expected, it just happened basically overnight. I remember walking in to my listing room one day and the clothes were grossing me out. Why? I have no idea – hormones maybe? I tried going to the thrift store but the smell was intolerable. Note: The thrift stores I have been to don’t really smell or have a distinct smell I can recall. Totally chalking this up to pregnancy too!

Anyway, the point is that I didn’t want to have anything to do with reselling. It made me sick – literally. So I stopped for several months. These months were so stressful because I remember thinking about all of the inventory I had stacked up in bins and the unlisted inventory that I didn’t get to yet. Was I throwing in the towel? Was this all just a giant waste of money? Spoiler, it absolutely wasn’t. 

Shortly after my pregnancy and my hormones began to stabilize I started feeling like myself again. I was excited to source and wanted to get my inventory moving ASAP. Now I’m back to reselling regularly and the rest is history.

This kind of occurred again recently, but this time with my Fiance. He took a break for a couple months to pursue a passion project. Earlier this week he wanted to make some extra cash, listed a few things on eBay and quickly sold them. This reignited the fire in him and reminded him why reselling is so amazing. Guess what he’s doing now as I write this? He’s listing! 

I share this because I learned something from these experiences. Even though I took several months off, when I came back to it, it was just how I left it. The community was there, the inventory was available for the taking and my selling apps were buzzing with activity. The key in this is that it’s okay to take breaks when you need them. Reselling is so unique in that you can do it at your own pace. You can work when you want or need to and when you don’t, just don’t. Of course I’m not speaking to the profitability of your business or quantity of sales you are making because that completely depends on your consistency. I’m talking about the ability to put effort towards something and then see a result. If I’m consistent with my listing and sharing that means I’m making sales. When I come back from a break as long as I pick back up with that same consistency, I can generally expect the sales to follow.

So set the guilt aside and know that reselling is an amazing tool that we have in our back pocket that we can tap into when we need it. As with many things in life, the key is to rest and not quit. 

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