Growing Your Business: Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

We are all about immediate gratification. We’re at a point in life where with the touch of a button we can have Starbucks delivered to our front door. We don’t want to wait, we want what we want and we want it now!

Where does that leave us when we’re trying to grow a business? How do we live in that kind of space when we don’t necessarily know what comes next? We have to come to peace with the idea that good things take time. That taking your business to the next level isn’t going to just happen tomorrow, and to be fair, maybe not even next month, or next year.

What’s more difficult is when we want to have success or that a-ha moment and we really don’t even know how to take that next step. We feel stuck looking around at all of the other people who have “figured it out” and are feeling all the pressure in the world to make our next move.

That’s the in between. The in between is the moment after you decide you want to go after something but before you actually get there. The in between isn’t where we want to be, it’s uncomfortable. But what we need to realize is that it’s impossible to travel from the moment you decide you want it, to that feeling of accomplishment when you do it, without actually experiencing the in between – and if you’re growing a business or trying to turn an idea or concept in to something, you might live in the in between for a while.

We have to come to terms with the fact that we are uncomfortable. We have to allow ourselves grace to figure things out and make mistakes.

I have so many plans for where I want to go with my business, some of which are too scary to even to verbalize at this point. I know that I’m not where I want to be but I also know that I’m not where I began, and you what that is? That’s progress. As uncomfortable as it is to not quite have it all figured out right now, I know that if I keep moving in the direction of that dream, of that idea, I’m getting closer to it.

Continue prioritizing, keep setting goals, use your creativity, network, all of the things that you already know you need to do. Though it might not feel like it, these actions are moving you forward. Consistency and perseverance will absolutely set you apart. Why don’t more people have businesses? Why don’t more businesses succeed? Because it is HARD to keep going. It is HARD to stay consistent. It’s NOT easy. It can be UNCOMFORTABLE. But if owning a business and being successful is what you want, then you’ve got to embrace the journey.

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