Reseller Inventory and Costing Workbook

Hi, thanks for checking out my workbook, I’m glad you’re here! One of the biggest tools that has helped me grow my reselling business is organization and understanding where I make money.

My goal for this workbook is to create a free, simple solution for resellers to use to keep track of their inventory and to understand their bottom line. There may become a point that you outgrow this worksheet, and I think that is AMAZING! But this is here to use as a stepping stone for those just starting out or that are new to tracking and managing their sales.

This Workbook is a fusion of organization and costing. Keep track of your inventory and understand what items are bringing you the most profitability.

I like to use this workbook because it itemizes EVERYTHING. It’s a powerful tool, but you must remember: Junk IN = Junk OUT. If you aren’t regularly updating your workbook with your purchases and sales or if the data you are entering isn’t accurate or complete, you won’t be able to get as much information out of the tool.

Download the Instruction Manual here:

Click this link to access the Workbook:

Be sure to share your feedback and let me how it’s working for you! Drop a comment below or find me on Instagram:

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