Poshmark Cases: Seller Tips on How to Handle an Unhappy Buyer

It finally happened, that dreaded little orange question mark has appeared in your notifications – a case has been opened up against you. Now what?

Well first, don’t let it stress you out. Part of running a business includes responding to and addressing customer complaints. Read on for some tips on best practice and how to effectively handle cases on Poshmark.


It’s okay to take a breath or chill out for a bit before deciding to deal with the case at hand, but be timely. The longer a buyer has to wait for a response, the more impatient they can become and the less likely you are to receive a desirable outcome. Plus, prompt responses reflect professionalism, and now is the time that you want to demonstrate that.


I have read some pretty crazy cases over the years and my biggest piece of advice is to not allow yourself to get worked up – regardless of how wrong you think the buyer may be. Writing shouty responses or cursing in your comments to the buyer are not going to get you very far. Keep in mind that when you are responding to a case you are a representation of your business, of your brand. Communicate in a way that you would be proud of if the conversation was posted all over the internet for your friends and family to see. Because let’s be real, that can happen.

Treat your buyers the same way you would expect to be treated if you walked in to Macy’s or in to Nordstrom to make a return. Be polite, understanding and state the facts. Provide photos to backup your stance, mention the measurements you listed in the description. But do so in a way that is not sarcastic or condescending. Remember that the objective is to diffuse the situation and arrive at a solution, not to insult or aggravate the other person.


Sometimes the buyer might disagree with you. Sometimes they might be rude or unreasonable. Know when to end the debate and present the situation to Poshmark for a decision. On Poshmark, if I have a buyer that’s being rude or unreasonable and the conversation appears to just go back and forth without any kind of resolution, I will kindly ask Poshmark to intervene and advise what our options are. It’s best not to continue engaging with someone that is just looking for a fight and not a solution. Be the bigger person and know when to cut the conversation short. Also know the block button is your friend. If the buyer is offensive or verbally abusive, block them to prevent further communication outside of the case.


Part of being a good seller is knowing when to own up to your mistakes. I am all for disputing a case but at the same time, know when you’re in the wrong. Did you skip an important detail that probably would have been helpful to the buyer? Did you possibly overlook a flaw before shipping? Recognize when you have made a mistake and offer solutions to your buyer. I have had situations where I made a mistake, owned up to it and fixed it with the buyer and they came right back to buy something else!

Even some of my favorite brands have made mistakes with items I’ve purchased but I keep shopping with them. Why? Because I trust them and know that they will make good on their mistakes. Amazon buyer protection, anyone?

I am not saying to give in to every single case but just be honest with yourself and with your buyer when you come across situations where you may have been at fault.


Familiarize yourself with the return policy. You don’t want to unknowingly accept a return that you are not obligated to. With Poshmark, returns for fit are generally not accepted unless you mis-state the sizing information in your listing. However, this doesn’t stop buyers from opening cases for this reason. When this happens, I will apologize to the buyer that the item doesn’t fit as they expected but let them know that they aren’t able to return for fit. BUT, I don’t just leave it at that – again, find solutions. I recommend the buyer to resell the item and offer the use of my photos to make the process easier for them. While I’m sure it’s not the ideal response for the buyer, in most cases they appreciate my willingness to help.


Cases are not the end of the world. It’s okay to be frustrated in the moment but don’t dwell on it, they are bound to happen to everyone at some point. Try to learn something from it. Can you add another step to your packing process to inspect the items before they go out? Do you need to take another look at how and where you gather your measurements? Cases give us an opportunity to reflect on what we’re doing and find ways to improve – or at least a reason to hit the bar for a glass of wine, am I right?! KIDDING. You will be okay, your business will be okay, as long as you learn from whatever mistakes that were made.

What is your best tip for handling cases? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Poshmark Cases: Seller Tips on How to Handle an Unhappy Buyer

  1. Diane says:

    Hi..I am new to Poshmark and just sold a bag. However, the buyer claimed my bag is Fake when I have receipt, gift receipt that I purchase the bag from the store (in my case it’s Michael Kors store). The buyer has been so mean and rude to me. Keeps on accusing me selling a fake bag. The buyer is comparing another Mk bag which totally different design than mine. What’s your advise? It’s so frustrating especially when this is my first sell.


      • Diane says:

        Hi, she opened a case. I don’t know how else to proof to her or Poshmark that my bag is authentic. I think she just wants to be out of sale. I am worried too that she will damage my bag upon returning. Case is still under review.


      • lifeaslovely says:

        Provide as much information as you can, Poshmark is pretty good about handling those types of situations. If they do approve and allow her to return, you’ll have an opportunity to accept the return before the buyer gets their money back. If the bag is damaged photograph it and report it to Poshmark so they can intervene.


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