How to Make Sales FAST on Poshmark

Sometimes I feel patient and don’t mind letting my items sit in my Poshmark Closet until the right buyer comes along and purchases them at the price I’m asking for. Other times, I just want these clothes out of my life, into the hands of USPS and off to their new homes!

Here’s a few easy steps that I like to do when I’m trying to make sales FAST!

  1. List New Items

Whenever I want to move product quickly, I add new items to my Poshmark Closet. Kind of sounds counterproductive, right? It’s not! By adding new items to my page, they are going to move to the “Just In” section and my items will be placed in front of more potential buyers. Even if these aren’t the items I need to move right away, this is going to bring attention to my page. So add a handful of new things before you get started.

2. Share your Closet

Share your closet – the whole thing! Even the ugly stuff at the bottom (c’mon we all have that old stuff that rarely gets shared!) By sharing everything you’re bumping up each item in the search results which is more exposure for your closet. I like to sort my closet from newest to oldest and then share from the bottom to the top. That way when I’m done, all my new inventory is at the top of the page. It’s really important that the top of your page looks attractive to potential buyers before we tackle the next step.

3. Follow & Share

Follow as many people as you can and share their closets like crazy! I try to follow a minimum of 100 Poshers and share items from their page as well. What we are doing in this step is cultivating engagement. Bonus points if you can do this during a party. I notice that I get more attention when I follow and share Poshers during the daily parties – really no secret here, it just means they are active. If you aren’t doing this step during a party, make sure you are filtering for active users. I like to look through items recently shared in each category and follow and share users from there.

If done properly, you should have a TON of notifications once you’re finished. If you don’t have many notifications, it’s either in the middle of the night or you didn’t follow and share enough users. Timing is a big part of this strategy, my favorite time to do this is at night, I’ll explain below.

4. OTL & Price Drop

Okay so at this point we have brought up our items in the search results and we’re starting to get some attention to our page. This is when we want to give Poshers that have liked our item an offer they can’t refuse. Just before I go to bed I will send out offer to likers with my best offer. This will always include discounted shipping and free shipping whenever possible. I send offers on every item in my closet that has at least one like. I like to do this just before bed (or while I’m in bed, if I’m being honest lol!) because I want my offer to be the first thing that the buyer sees when they wake up in the morning. If I’m sending offers at 10 or 11pm PST, that can be as late as 1 or 2am Eastern Time. One of the first things I do when I wake up every morning is check my phone, don’t you? Most people do. Let your amazing offer be the first thing that they see!

This strategy has been so helpful for me when I need to make sales quick. Have fresh items in your closet, cultivate engagement and then give your potential buyers a deal that they won’t want to pass up!

Did you try my strategy? Find me on Instagram and let me know how it worked out for you!


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