Why I Started Reselling

I’ve been a single mom since I can remember. I had my daughter young (at 17, to be exact) and it has always been just me and her. So you can only imagine how thrilled this, then 8 year old girl was when she found out my boyfriend and his two young boys were encroaching in on her territory. Can you just FEEL the sarcasm there? In case you didn’t, she was pissed. She was angry that mommy & me just turned in to mommy & three (Ok – mom joke).

Dealing with that situation was tough. But what was even harder was when we were abruptly awarded full custody of his boys and our hardly tolerable weekends together quickly turned in to weeknights, and weekdays, and weekends and we all became a family at what felt like overnight. All in my tiny little 2 bedroom apartment. I warned you about that whiplash 😉

We were out of space. We were all uncomfortable. And what’s worse was that my daughter’s anger was boiling over in to 1000 other feelings of frustration and we had to MOVE – figuratively and physically.

Now if you know anything about Southern California, you know that you have to make $68 million a year in order to buy a home. Not really, but it feels like it. We needed a minimum of 3 bedrooms to fit everyone comfortably and the market prices were out of this world. We made a decent living but buying a home was just out of the question.

We looked in to larger apartments but the cost to rent a larger place actually turned out to be more expensive than a mortgage payment. So, buying a home became the goal.

New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2016 – Ryan & my resolution was to buy a home. A few weeks went by and we were saving, but it was slow. Bills still happened and the NYE inspiration was quickly fading away. Ryan came home after listening to a Podcast by Gary Vee. He learned about the flip challenge and was convinced we could make money by selling our stuff.

I shrugged it off and just to humor him, I snagged some old Bath & Body Works lotions from under my sink and posted them online (c’mon I know you have at least three of these sets under your sink too. Stale birthday/Christmas gifts, anyone?).

Within about 15 minutes I had a potential buyer asking to meet me in the morning to purchase. I was intrigued.

I downloaded the Poshmark App and listed a bottle of Chanel Perfume (oops, I was new and didn’t know this was prohibited, sorry Posh!) I received two offers right away and before I could accept, it sold for full asking price.

I was instantly hooked. That evening, my Reselling Journey began.

Spoiler Alert: Reselling paid for our home. Although, now my daughter is 12 and there’s not enough space in the world sometimes to fix her hormonal moods! LOL

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