The Lovely Introduction

I feel like when people reflect on and talk about obstacles they’ve overcome, the compelling story leading up to their moment of victory draws you in and leaves you rooting for that happy ending that we have only come to expect from classic Hallmark Movies. Well, my story is different. It’s nothing like a slow burn drama, you can’t follow along gradually wondering what’s going to happen next. Everything happens quickly, it leaves little time for careful narrative and just enough time for action.

In fact, it’s more likely to give you whiplash, quickly bringing you from one moment to the next wondering how the heck did I get here?! Sound fun? Well, welcome to my life – or, Life as Lovely.

I plan to share how I turn my crazy, no scratch that, insane, often times disorganized mess of a life in to something that is just, so lovely. Working, momming, raising a family, running a business, having a social life (sometimes – I think?), all while creating lucrative revenue streams that are affording me the ability to take on this debt free journey. And I’m still sane! At least I like to think so 😉

Here you’ll find my tips, check ins, my mistakes, my wins, my goals and can follow me along this absolutely ridiculous yet totally plausible path to financial freedom. Here we go!

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